I hope that you will be intrigued by what you find here, that you’ll want to explore, come back and see what’s new, and that this can be a place of exchange

My name is Fernanda Eberstadt. I am a novelist and non-fiction writer.

I’ve published five novels and one book of non-fiction, and many hundreds of articles for journals including The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Vogue, frieze, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, the TLS

Some of my running passions are art, political dissidence and religious prophecy, Russia and its prisons. I’ve written about

  • The Hebrew Bible. 
  • Lampedusa’s The Leopard, Sicilian palaces, and the politics of urban restoration in Palermo.
  • The radical utopianism of Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Why women are scared of turning into their mothers.
  • Dostoevsky and the literature of the Russian Gulag.
  • Istanbul (I lived there for a year and a half in the 1990s). 
  • The 20th century Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet who spent 15 years in prison. 
  • Freak Folk musicians Cocorosie. 
  • The British poet Christopher Logue and his glorious retake on Homer’s Iliad.
  • What the anti-Trump resistance can learn from dissidents abroad.

I love doing public conversations with writers, artists, thinkers. Recent talks include Pussy Rioter Nadya Tolonnikova, novelist Marisa Silver, biographer Brad Gooch.

I’m planning to post a steady supply of new material and hitherto unpublished stuff on this site, whether fiction, non-fiction, or photographs, so keep coming back, and please leave your thoughts and impressions.